First Ride on the Dominator

I picked up my '88 NX650 Dominator on the 3rd June 2004, and did a couple of small trips around parts of the island during the next few days.

On the 5th June, I rode up to Ramsey and back to get the feel of the bike, then on the 6th I rode over to a friend's place in Peel.

Peel Castle, looking across the bay

We wandered around the Manx Classic Vehicle Show for a while - unfortunately, less bikes than last year, but they did have one of these:

Peel P.50 made in Peel on the island back in the early '60s.


A Sammy Miller trials machine, based on a Honda 175, I think

Honda 250 (Dream?)

Got home from work on the 8th June, was a little tired but needed a boost so when on a gentle dawdle around some of the back lanes, and down to a small bay, Port Grenaugh on the east coast of the island




Hey look, I've gone off-road

Even had some little visitors as I took in the aromas of sea and seaweed

View of King William's College, the public school on the IOM (sorry, private school to Americans)

As you can see, they've lost a fair bit of their grounds in recent years:

That's the end of the runway for the island's airport!

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