East Canyon reservoir via Emigration Canyon

First proper ride on the new-to-me KLR650, and I decided on a short 90-miler through SLC, up Emigration Canyon, along UT65 to East Canyon reservoir and back through East Canyon State Park to Morgan, where I hopped on I-84 to Ogden, then down US89 and I-15 home.

It was a gorgeous afternoon, so I put on my summer gear and my camera in a pocket - found out that I'd left my tank bag and handelbar bag back in the UK :-(

I let "Emily" (my Garmin) lead me through Salt Lake City, although I don't think that riding the avenues rather than South Temple was the quickest option… Still, we got to the bottom of Emigration eventually - it got a bit warm in the queues at traffic signals on Foothill Drive though!

Started up Emigration Canyon, avoiding all the lycra-clad bicyclists climbing the hill, and passing the school bus at the right moment, to get a clearer run. Once I'd got a bit of a gap, I pulled over to take some pictures.

I continued on up Emigration until I reached the top of the canyon, and stopped to look out over Little Dell reservoir and down UT65 towards Mount Aire in the distance.

I turned left at the end of Emigration Canyon road, and onto UT65, heading generally north towards East Canyon state park. There were some great curves and hairpins on the way, even though I'm a little rusty, especially riding on the right-hand side of the road, so some were taken a little slower than normal!

Once I'd gone through Big Mountain Pass, the hairpins decreased and the more open sweepers started, until I hit some straight roads going along the bottom. Very little traffic (only saw a couple bikes and half a dozen or so cars on the whole of the Emigration to Morgan section), so I was was able to set my own pace, sometimes keeping it slow, sometimes speeding up, whichever felt best - always the best way to ride, I think!

Easy Canyon reservoir appeared and I found a pull-out on the reservour side of the road. Some lovely scenery around there - for now anyway. Give it a few weeks and it'll look a lot whiter, I'd imagine!

I kept riding along the eastern rim of the reservoir, stopping every now and then for photos.

I took the narrower East Canyon Road option to head towards Morgan, where I would pick up the freeway to head home, passing through some little villages and hamlets along the way. I-84 had road works going on, so was down to one lane in each direction, both lanes being on the normal westward side of the freeway, which made for some slower progress for a little while. There was a gusty wind blowing me around a bit too.

Eventually got to the Ogden turn-off to pick up US89 and head south, except "Emily" told me take exit 89B, which set me down on the north-bound side of US89, when I wanted to be south-bound - it should've been 89A! I pulled over and then had to wait, and wait, and wait for a gap in the traffic in both directions to be able to zip out into the center turn lane so that I could filter into the south-bound traffic.

Finally got into the correct lane and made my way south, joining I-15 when US89 ended, then re-joining US-89 at 500 W in Bountiful for the final stretch home.

90 miles and two and a half hours, all in. Not a bad way to spend a Fall afternoon!

A few more photos that I took can be found on my Smugmug gallery here

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