Riding the Eary Cushlin greenway

Well, thanks to a nudge by Paul Young, I had the day off today, so set off to find the track going past Eary Cushlin in the west of the island

Found the start of the track pretty easily - gotta love the sign:

The top part was pretty easy, just tractor ruts and stones

Then, at the Kerroodhoo Plantation, the real bit of track started - and the only bit to catch me out. I rode over the jump put down by horse riders, caught my front wheel on a branch on the ground and over I went sideways

Start of the track is like this, with a few gates to open and close on the way down:

Views are good though:

But the track does get fun:

All in all, a drop of nearly 1000 feet (300 metres) from the sign at the top to the bottom at the ford in Barrane, over about 2 miles. The more technical bit from Kerroodhoo to Barrane was a drop of 600 feet (190 metres) over 7/10ths of a mile

More pics

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