Dowse Road and Greeba Mill Road

Well, a nice day with nothing else to do, so I set out just after lunch to find and have a go at the Kerrow Glass greenway

This starts from Greeba Bridge and meets the road again at Ballig Bridge on the TT course.

Start of the minor road leading up to the greenway

The road gets pretty narrow - you can see why it's unclassified

Start of the greenway

Pretty picturesque

The track's getting pretty rocky, but I can cope with this

About 7/10s of a mile into the track, rolling along nicely, and I'm confronted with this:

Hmm, this looks a bit hard - I went to have a look and could sort of see a path to follow. Ah well, you know what they say, once bitten, twice shy. Don't think I'll be trying this track again:

Stuck - couldn't get out on my own, split the fuel line when I dropped it against the side of the gully, and the throttle cable snapped too

Called a friend who was just finshing the engine on a bike, who came to help me out. Lucky though, he's a racer, and was due to be racing at Jurby South road races today. With his help, we got it up out of the gully and onto the bank, and rolled it down until we reached the end of the gully section (about 20 yards or so)

The remains of the track was like this

Eminently rideable, but I just couldn't get past that 20 yard section of gully

Got a nice scratch in my helmet too, where it rolled off the bank and into the gully. Was a bit warm while I was waiting though - the thermometer in his van showed about 31C (88F) when I rang him at about 2pm! No wonder I was hot and tired trying to move the bike on my own out in the sunlight

Ah well, got to order the new parts now

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