Ballacotch Greenway

Took a little ride this morning - it wasn't going to be little, but mist and low cloud got me to abandon. Too dangerous with cars shuttling about on most of the roads in the mist.

Stopped to take a couple of photos, and noticed a track down the hill marked as being open to horses and motorcycles. Ah, why not, I thought, bearing in mind I've only ever gone offroad once before and that was in deep mud. I failed and gave up on that attempt, as the bike was quite happy to stand up all by itself in the ruts.

Started down it - typical farmers track with ruts where the tractor tyres have gone, and stony too - this is good, am not gonna get stuck although I could fall over I suppose


Got to the bottom no problem, of course (nothing to most of you, I bet!), having gone through the stones, then a muddy stretch and finally some old tarmac covered in mud, tree sap, twigs, leaves, etc)

Was a good little run, one that I will do again, but looking at the heat coming off me, I think I need more appropriate clothing to wear


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